Medical/Diagnostic Equipment’s

Adlife is an innovation chief with cutting edge norms of mechanical arrangements and demonstrated administrations and application ability. the division keeps on making monstrous commitments to Qatar’s developing and eager medical care and logical examination areas.

Education Resources & Equipment’s

Adlife is driving stock and specialist organization for Educational Sector in Qatar locale. We have faith in the force of innovation change the schooling system and the force of instruction to assemble imaginative people in the future.

Laboratory Furniture’s

Adlife offers a wide assortment of research center furniture to suit the requirements of each lab. Rage hoods, lab tables, sink units, stockpiling pantries and other furniture can be bought as standard units or exclusively adjusted by the necessities of the client.

Industrial Equipment’s

We are providing top notch brand hardware for Material testing lab, Engineering lab, Colleges, Universities, Research focuses, oil and gas organizations, producing units, medical services and services.